Doctoral thesis

“Hong Kong Thesis Guidance Centre” has successfully assisted several doctoral students to complete their doctoral dissertation and obtain doctorate degrees from local, domestic, and international doctoral degrees. The fierce workplace competition leads more senior management and business owners to pursue continuous education. Therefore, many of them continue to study for doctoral courses to obtain a doctorate, such as a doctorate in business administration, a doctorate in finance, or Doctor of Education, etc after they obtained their master’s degree.

Universities have strict requirements and control over the quality of doctoral qualifications. The doctoral thesis must meet strict academic standards before these universities award a doctoral degree to candidates. Therefore, the work of writing a doctoral dissertation can be very heavy. The “Hong Kong Thesis Guidance Centre provides professional counselling services to assist and guide students to complete the research work and write the research results into a doctoral thesis.


We welcome doctoral students form the following schools to consult us:

Brittany Université

Swiss Business School

University of Wales, Trinity Saint David

Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

DBA/EdD/Doctor of FinTech from local universities

Mainland China Normal University EdD

Other universities’ DBA/EdD


We also welcome doctoral students to enquire about our services.

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