Q: How can I contact your centre?

A: The Hong Kong Tutor Guidance Centre has an office with full-time staff to handle student affairs, and you can call 39662896 contact the staff of the Centre during normal office hours to handle preliminary enquiries or other follow-up matters. You can also contact the Centre via WhatsApp (51741769) or WeChat (HKTGC2010) at any time. If necessary, you can also make an appointment and go directly to the centre for an interview. Our office is located in Midas Plaza, San Po Kong.


Q: Is there a fee for the initial consultation?

A: The initial consultation is free of charge.


Q: How much does your centre charge?

A: Full thesis tutoring, divided into 3 to 4 stages of charge, if you are not satisfied with the service of the centre, you can terminate the service at any time.


Q: What protection do I have if the goods are not handled properly?

A: We have three guarantees: first, the Centre has been in operation for 10 years and is a reputable consulting firm serving more than 2,000 students, second, the Centre has a permanent office and employs full-time staff to handle students’ complaints, and third, the Centre charges fees in stages, and you can terminate the service at any time if there is any “wrong delivery”.


Q: Why are the quotations of other paper websites lower than those of your centre?

A: We all offer reasonable quotes, because it takes a lot of time and effort to guide carefully, such as helping students collect and read literature. The so-called “penny, penny”, low prices naturally have the risk of “wrong goods”. Most of the paper websites only have a website and a mobile phone, and it is very difficult to investigate the “wrong goods”. The Hong Kong Dissertation Tutoring Centre has been in operation since 2009 with a success rate of over 99%, and the fact that old clients continue to recommend friends to our centre for help proves that the centre has always been reputable.


Q: Why do other paper networks have the ability to submit a 20,000-word paper in just two weeks?

A: A dissertation is a rigorous academic research report, not a simple copying and summarizing work, and a dissertation that can pass a regular university cannot be completed in two weeks anyway. There is a great risk of losing valuable money and time at any time, so students should think carefully.


Q: Why should I ask your centre to help me supervise my dissertation?

A: Overseas universities focus on research and dissertation, but Hong Kong students are good at reading but lack the training to do research and write dissertations. You have already paid 100,000 to hundreds of thousands of yuan in tuition fees, can you just give up and return empty-handed? The “Hong Kong Dissertation Tutoring Centre” has enough experience and credibility to help you hand in a qualified thesis and graduate successfully.


Q: What are the features of your consultation services?

A: If you choose to tutor the whole process, it is equivalent to having an academic advisor with you, when you need to reply to the questions assigned by the university, the centre supervisor will teach you how to answer, and when you receive a comment on the thesis, the centre supervisor will help you revise it.


Q: What information does I need to provide when I ask for assistance?

A: There are often students who think that we only need to know the word count of the thesis or assignment to be able to quote, we must emphasize the services of the centre, all of which are tailor-made, we need to know your level (bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral students), and the requirements of the thesis or assignment (such as topic, word count, time limit, etc.) to measure the time required for service. Students need to understand that the university has very strict requirements for you, and if your essay or homework is just a copy of the text, you will definitely not pass. If someone can quote based on the word count alone, they are only providing copying services, not real thesis guidance.

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