About us

The “Hong Kong Thesis Guidance Centre” was established in 2009. Its purpose is to assist students studying for bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degrees to solve homework, thesis, and dissertation problems, complete the university’s graduation requirements as soon as possible, and successfully obtain bachelor’s to doctoral degrees. In the past fifteen years, the “Hong Kong Thesis Guidance Centre ” has assisted thousands of students to obtain bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees from local, Macau, domestic and overseas universities.

The team of “Hong Kong Thesis Guidance Centre ” are all professional tutors with master’s and doctoral qualifications. In addition to practical experience in academic research and writing papers, they also have many years of experience in guiding students. The centre’s latest business includes supervising doctoral dissertations, proving the academic strength of the centre’s tutor team.

“Hong Kong Thesis Guidance Centre ” is not simply a company with only a website, social media account, and/or a simple business registration. In addition to setting up an office, it also employs full-time staff to handle the affairs of tutors and students. Students can feel at ease when using the service of our centre. If they encounter any difficulties or quality problems during the tutoring process, there will be dedicated personnel to deal with them. In terms of contracting and processing, some companies only have web pages and mobile phones, and the client cannot be held accountable at all. Students should choose carefully from these tutoring and guidance services.

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